Welcome to Vintrange


Vintrange is 300 meters from the village of Bérig. 

Four houses and a farm stand around the church. 

It's a privileged place well away from the national highway. 

The colors of the landscape change with the seasons following the work made in the fields.


La Dame Blanche


"La Dame Blanche" is a Barn Owl. 

La Dame Blanche, a large bird silently emerging from the barn at dusk, a pale light on a dark background. 

How can we not be amazed by this spectacle which embellishes our summer evenings?



The Outsides of la Dame Blanche



Once upon a time, there was a rural house built in the early eighteenth century.

Today, "La Dame Blanche" is ready to welcome you. The pasture goes down with a gentle slope and the open view on the campaign will surprise you.


  • The terraces facing south give a view of the the neighboring countryside and the view stretches away on the Vosges mountains until Donon.


  • During the day, you can enjoy a 28°C pool and in the evening, under the stars, a 38°C SPA.


  • The deckchairs invite you to take a nap, cradled by the birds' songs.


  • On the spot, two small ponds, one with Koï carps, and the other with carps, tenches, roaches and sturgeons for fishing are available.