Dinner's ready ! 

The "Lorraine" is a region of France known thanks to its very diverse forests, ponds, orchards, gardens, meadows and so on... It provides the basis of our diet.


The cooking of our region is essentially peasant. These are dishes of yesteryear prepared from the products of the garden, the orchard and the farm.

The Dame Blanche, our host house, offers on request at the time of booking, a large range of Lorraine's specialties.

A small foretaste : the real quiche Lorraine, with morel mushrooms pie, the pie Lorraine, civet of marcassin red wine, chicken with the grain of Auxerrois Moselle accompanied by kneddles or grated potatoes.

Varied pies of all kinds: the mirabelle plums, walnuts and honey, quesches, cheese...According to the weather, you could eat in our large dining room or on the terrace overlooking the countryside and small ponds.