Welcome in the Wellness Area of La Dame Blanche

The team of professional masseurs contains 4 persons who have different skills, specialized in one or different kinds of massages and others prestations such as body cares.


The massages


Created in the 70's, in a city near San Francisco, the Californian Massage aims to relax all the body for a full self-awareness.

This massage is a technique of modeling par excellence, thanks to its slow, flowing, and harmonious motions, which get your body in shape.

Skin Exfoliation (30€) 

  • Psychological effect: Blossoming of the person who gets back a better perception of his body map, increasing the self-esteem,
  • The rediscovery of his own wellness,
  • Releases the stress, 
  • Relaxes and releases muscular or nervous tensions,
  • Improves the blood flow, 
  • Better irrigation of the tissues.



The Swedish Massage combines firmness and softness. Its bracing and relaxing effect stimulates the blood flow and the elimination of toxins, and helps the body to get back a natural balance. This massage relaxes as much the muscles as the tendons.

Skin Exfoliation (30€)

  • Produce a great muscular relaxation,
  • Stimulates the increase of the motion's amplitude,
  • The technique has few manoeuvres (light massage, kneading, friction, vibration) which, when they are executed in a specific order, crete similar effects as those realized by gymnastic,
  • The techniques have been created by the Swedish Dr Per Henrik Ling, this is the reason why this massage is called Swedish Massage. This massage is known all over the world, and it is known thanks to its anti-stress effects, and because it releases the back's pains.




Born from the combination of different massages (Eastern, Swedish, Californian), the SENSITIVE GESTALT MASSAGE® or massage SGM® is a massage's technique of relaxation very elaborate, its main aim is to improve the body awareness, the relaxation, the wellness of the body and of the spirit... A holistic existential experience for the massaged person... A somototherapy thanks to the touch... A massage which concerns all the body and all the spirit, from a psychotherapeutic character.

Les soins du corps


EXFOLIATION "sugary body"

A gourmet exfoliation with honey, brown sugar and chocolat which will make your skin softer and glossier. The body exfoliation will sharpen the skin microcirculation, speed up the rhythm of extension of the skin layer, slim the skin texture, soften and make a satiny skin.



Make up 

  • Day Make-Up : 20€
  • Evening Make-Up : 25€
  • Make-Up for wedding or party with a test : 30€
  • Wedding Package :  I do what I want... : 90€




Relaxing FACE  “All skins”

  • Make-Up Removal
  • Steam Exfoliation
  • Blackheads extraction
  • Face, neck, low-cut neckline, scalp Modeling 
  • Facemask
  • Day cream


face : ULTrasound + collagen

  • Make-Up Removal
  • Steam Exfoliation
  • Blackheads extraction
  • Ultrasound 
  • Face, neck, low-cut neckline, scalp Modeling 



  • Half Legs : 18€
  • Three-quarters Legs : 20€
  • All Legs : 25€ 
  • Forearms : 18€ 
  • All arms : 20€ 
  • Armpits : 15€ 
  • Low-necked Bikini Line :18€
  • All Bikini Line: 22€
  • Eyebrows or Chin : 8€
  • Lips : 7€
  • Eyebrows + Chin + Lips : 13€


  • All Legs : 30€ 
  • All Torso : 20€ 
  • Back : 20€ 
  • All Arms : 25€ 
  • Armpits : 15€